Tellurics & Technology

Tellurics avoid the use of technology, believing it contrary to nature, contrary to humanity, and contrary to “goodness”. The royals protect their people from technology by shielding them of the truth of the Common’s world and passing laws to limit Telluric freedoms.

Contrary to Nature

Technology is produced by destroying habitats. Too much is mined from the earth, too many trees cut from forests, and burned plastics poison the air. If enough nature is destroyed, Tellurics become weaker and weaker. Too much technology poisons and eventually kills them.

Techonology destroys large amounts of spiritual energy, altering Telluric magic, making it harder for Tellurics to control the climate—their very reason for being.

Contrary to humanity

Technology erodes Telluric character. It distances them from nature, making them become selfish and stupid, greedy to consume instead of willing to give. Technology leads to unhappy and impatient people.

Contrary to Goodness

Technology can be used to create weapons and toxins meant to only to kill (guns, bombs, toxins, mind drugs). Tellurics believe they have a moral and spiritual obligation to reduce the presence of technology.

Telluric Hypocrisy

While Tellurics loathe techonology, they still rely on mined minerals and rare earth elements to give power to their magic. Tellurics claim only to use in moderation and only take with the blessing of the earth spirits.

Hansians & Technology

Hansians believe Tellurics deserve to advance and should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not they want to continue living in the middle-aged, Telluric Realm, or whether they want to reintegrate into the Common’s world and live in the 21st Century.