Keys are Celtic knots and symbols that combined with elements (iron, copper, salt, phosphorous, silver, etc.) draw energy from the earth spirits and give Tellurics magic.

There are two different types of keys:

  • Intrinsic Keys: including blood keys, medicine keys, chaste keys, personality/trait keys. Keys that affect the person/essence of a thing.
  • Intrinsic Keys are imprinted on skin and are only visible (and in some cases activated) by touch.
  • Extrinsic Keys: innovations keys, transport keys, architecture, furniture, etc. Keys that affect the outside world.
  • Extrinsic Keys are visible and either cut onto certain materials or laced with elements to make them work.

Keys have limitations. No key can last forever. They often needed recasting/molding after a while.

Also, bloodline keys worked differently. They have rules of their own. For example, warriors can turn into dragons at will, but only during the day. At sundown, a warrior in his dragon form will turn to stone.

Some bloodline keys, like the ability to make flowers grow—would quickly drain a person of energy, and they’d get nauseous and throw up.

Extrinsic keys, created on things/objects, could last short or long, depending on the amount of minerals woven into the key.

Some keys were forged onto a rare diamond; ensuring key would last for centuries.

Bloodline Keys:

The subjects of each kingdom (summer, winter, autumn and spring) are born with an intrinsic key that denotes the kingdom they belong to.

Special Keys: