The Rise and Fall of Osmos Gien


  • 1270 – Osmos Gien born.
  • 1275 – Brother, Eliot Gien born.
  • 1280 – Parents die in a Crusade raid. Osmos saves his brother.
  • 1280 – 1289 Osmos Gien searching for a Telluric key to immortality.
  • 1289 – Osmos Gien forges a key to slow aging, five years to every hundred.
  • 1290 – Another crusade raid. Osmos’s first and only love is wounded.
  • 1291 – Osmos forges a key that lets warriors shift into dragons to protect Tellurics from the sky.
  • 1292 – Another Telluric aimed raid where Osmos almost dies. His lover saves him, dying in the process.
  • 1292 – In grief and rage and using magic of love combined with nature, Osmos creates the Telluric realm.
  • 1293 – 1300 Telluric migration into the kingdoms. Osmos spends most of his time in the Winter Kingdom—his lover was a winter Telluric, and Osmos wanted to make the kingdom perfect. His lover is buried at the heart of the deepest frost lilac valley.
  • 1300 – Eliot Gien wants Osmos to give him more powerful blood so he can make the summer kingdom prosper. Eliot wishes to rise from being known as the brother of the greatest forger to becoming something of his own.
  • 1300 – Osmos discovers a key to bring back the dead, but despite temptation to bring back his lover, decrees his own forging against nature. He feels he’s already disturbed the balance of nature so much, he’s not sure where the moral grounds of forging are anymore. Where is over the line? Osmos transcribes the knots that can make such powerful keys into a diary his lover had once given him.
  • 1301 – Osmos witnesses brother participating in dragon baiting. Horrified, he is careful what keys he gives his brother, hiding his diary.
    Eliot Gien confronts Osmos in lilac valley at lover’s grave. When Osmos refuses to tell him where the diary is, Eliot stabs Osmos and leaves him to die. Osmos’s last vow was “so long as winter survives, you’ll never get your hands on the keys of immortality and resurrection.” As he passes away, Osmos forges his last key, an icy terrain, filling the lilac valleys with ice. Hence forth, the area is known as the Ice Desert.
  • 1350 – Eliot Gien is last seen on a voyage to Halos Isle. Presumed to have died in a vicious storm that raked Lake Starvas.