Kaitlyn Leit

Illustration by Maria Gandolfo (Renflowergrapx)

[Princess Alyssa] dropped her stance, bow at her side, and stared at the path her arrow had followed. “Trusting, impressionable, passive, insecure, naïve.”
Kaitlyn retrieved her bow and moved to the next target.
“Did you mean it?”
Silence rippled and Kaitlyn hooked an arrow and drew, shivering as the string teased her chin. It itched the tip of her nose as she started to shake her head. She cleared her throat, watching her arrow thunk home. “Yes. I did.”

Sister to Cerdic, and capable warrior, Kaitlyn is guard to the princess—her job to steer away any suitors and keep her royal highness safe. Their tentative friendship is broken the moment the princess kisses Kaitlyn’s brother, turning him to ice.

Filled with anger and determination, she tries to find another way to free her brother. Her solution: make a key that is stronger. A key that could change the dynamics of the curse consequences.

But . . .

Such a powerful Key Forger is hard to find.

When Kaitlyn learns about the Hansian that her brother captures, the one who didn’t steal the Realm Key but forged his own, she strikes a deal. If he designs a key to save her brother, she’ll break help him retrieve a lost gouging staff.

Of course, if anyone finds out what she’s doing, she’ll be sent to Gatreau dungeons right alongside him.