Prince Drake Gildwor

Illustration by Maria Gandolfo (Renflowergrapx)

Drake schooled the flash of fear in his expression, and once again tucked his hands behind him. “The boy’s blood is vital.”
“He’s young, Your Highness. Afraid.”
“Like everyone in this room, Cerdic.”

Prince Drake loathes Hansians. The rebels killed his mother, injured his father, and spread rumors about the Commons’ world and the riches it offers. As his dying father says: Mark my words, they will string tales of what’s beyond, stir up the peasants with promises of riches that will eventually kill us all.

And they need the kingdoms. They live in symbiosis with each other. Prince Drake will not allow the Commons world to obliterate them as they tried in the crusades. The Tellurics need to stay together, need to complete their rituals, else both they and the seasons would cease to be.

If Hansians remove the thrones and allow the peoples more freedom, they will disperse Tellurics, leading to their oblivion. No, Prince Drake will not let that happen. Will not let his mother’s death and father’s suffering be in vain.

But . . .

On top of a frustrating curse that gives his kiss rather icy consequences, Prince Drake needs to prove himself a royal not to be messed with. It’s a strong king who keeps their seat at the throne instead of locked in a dungeon. His lithe figure does not make him an intimidating presence, but his keen mind will prove he’s not to be messed with.

When some bastard Hansian gets their hands on the Realm Key, giving the rebels access through the gates, Prince Drake is determined to find the thief, lock and interrogate him in Gatreou. He wants all the names of the rebels. Wants to know how the Hansian could have stolen the most well-guarded Key in the kingdoms.

Wants to figure out how to stop Hansians once and for all, before another uprising threatens everything.