Cerdic Leit

Cerdic  Leit
Illustration by Maria Gandolfo (Renflowergrapx)

[Cerdic] “I thought we were past this. I’m real.”
“Yeah, yeah. You and the dragons.”
“That’s right.”
Rye very slowly raised his head. “You’ve seen dragons?”
Cerdic stared at him. “I am one.”

Strong-willed Cerdic, captain warrior for the Winter Kingdom is never fazed, no matter the challenge set. Defeating and capturing Hansians is what he excels at. Eldest brother of two siblings, he’s played protector since their parents died in the Battle of Gatreau.

He's decisive, responsible, stubborn. Give him a task and he gets it done. But when the cursed princess kisses his younger brother and turns him to ice, Cerdic is slammed with emotion. Emotion and a new mission: do whatever he can to save his brother.

But . . .

Freeing his brother means unlocking the Key that curses the royal family. To avoid war between the kingdoms, Cerdic must find the summer king’s lost son, lure him to the winter kingdom, and unlock the key that curses the royals. An unlocking that would drain the life out of the man.

This proves tricky when the lost prince, Rye, is found living in the Commons world. To bring him into the Telluric kingdoms, Rye must prove his loyalty and allegiance to the Tellurics, and pass lustration to be granted a Key, allowing him through the gates and into their realms.

Though trying to avoid it, over the time spent training Rye, Cerdic slowly builds a close connection with the lost prince.

But how can he fail the one task that means the most to him? How can he choose between two of the biggest loves of his life: his brother and Rye?